“More than a business card. A symbol of success”

Hundreds of businesses have increased their value and profile thanks to the excellent quality of the metals and finishing designs that LuxuriaCard provides.


Manufactured with the highest quality standards for an excellent result

Presenting a stainless-steel business card to anyone is an excellent opportunity to leave a lasting first impression and project a powerful, energetic and modern brand. A metal card can definitely make a huge difference to this first presentation. This is something a paper or plastic card will never achieve. A lasting first impression can turn a prospect into a valuable asset for you and your business.

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Black matte Stainless Steel cards are one of our most popular finish designs. The black matte stainless steel cards are the right choice if you want to project your brand as being cutting edge and powerful. They are popular among VIP cards especially when made in high thicknesses. Our cards are made from high-grade stainless steel that will not tarnish over time.

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Would you like to stand out from the competition in your industry? Get it with a small gesture: deliver a metal card and look at the shocked face of your receiver. Be one of the people who have already managed to achieve a differentiated position with LuxuriaCard

Brass Gold Cards are one of our favourite models for they combine the natural ancient appeal of the metal with the contemporary values of today’s machining technology. These business cards immediately stand out as their golden finishing makes them absolutely unforgettable.

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These cards are designed to create a unique mirror finishing that will reflect whoever looks at them. Cards cut or etched in copper create a natural appeal that brings a recollection of the ancient metal combined with the most modern values. We use the highest-grade copper to create our cards. Unlike standard copper, it is designed to preserve its properties and will not tarnish for 10 years. Should you decide to use copper, we would like to suggest etching instead of applying colour to it. This will preserve its natural properties.

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