Providing a cardboard (or even a plastic one) card is already nothing new; both are fairly common to the receiver. And for this reason, to stand out the ordinary, it is necessary to differentiate some way. The metal is therefore the perfect material that captures on a card the functionality and sophistication that every business wants to convey: quality and sophistication.

Metal cards are truly spectacular. Having one in your hands creates such impact that does activate the emotional part of the brain. The touch, the visual image, weight, temperature, novelty… They offer an impression that a plastic or cardboard card fails to give. Without a doubt, the metallic card receiver will never forget the experience. You just have to imagine what would you feel if you were given a metal card in your hands.

Now you have the opportunity to provide distinction, elegance and exclusivity to every business in your area or country.

Reach the status of a metal card business is a luxury that is only available to few people.



What is needed to be representative of Luxuria Card?

In Luxuria Card quality matters to us, and this includes our representatives (who are representing OUR brand).

“Commitment and dedication”. This is what we are looking for.

As a representative of Luxuria Card in your country or area, you will be the head in order to spread our brand, create close relations with the most important companies and most influential ones that we will detail later, and they are those who have and will provide the distinguished clients for our great metal cards.

Our direct customers are professionals in the graphic world, marketing, branding, graphic design at the highest level or public relations.

You will be in contact with them, you will provide them access to our high-end cards, and therefore they get the necessary information to provide them to their customers.

We don’t want you to sell cards to final customers. It could be interesting, but your time is very valuable and we want to help you make and invest it in the most profitable way.

All of our professional clients and resellers will bring you tens and hundreds of clients who will order products constantly over time. And here is where you will get a higher profitability in relation to your invested time and effort. Your profit will be exponential. With a few hours a day you can earn income from several thousands of dollars.

And no, you will not be overwhelmed by the management of orders and daily administration, because that will be in charge of the core team of Luxuria Card.

We don’t want you to distract from the core business with daily production tasks.

Who are the ideal intermediaries for Luxuria Card customers?

Customers always linked to the world of the high standing as:

Marketing and Branding Agencies

PR professionals


Graphic designers

These intermediaries have end-customers as:

  • Jewelry shops
  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Real estate
  • Clothing and cosmetics stores
  • SBeauty salons & Spa
  • Car dealers (high level)
  • Hotels (high level)
  • Tax consultants, accountants and brokers
  • Law firms

What benefits you get as representative of Luxuria Card?

A commission percentage on sales generated by the entire network of the representative. A far superior compared benefit to the hours that would be devoted to end-customers.

We already have several representatives (meet them here) who enjoy the pleasure of seeing how the metal cards are raising the status of many businesses and, thereby, earning money with each of those sales.

As a representative, you are part of the team, you will have our full support.

On the other hand, as a representative of Luxuria Card and member of the team, you will not be alone.

  • We will put at your disposal all the necessary support so that you know the product perfectly (online training center).
  • You will have a kit of samples so you can know first-hand the product.
  • Permanent contact with the rest of the team, which will be in charge of administrative management and production. (Facebook group, Whatsapp group).
  • We also generate the necessary content for sale, ads and social networking strategies; which you can use for your sales strategies.
  • All final customers who enter through the web, will be yours if you wish.
  • And, of course, all the support that you need.

We will inform you about all the above in detail after agreeing to be a representative.

Now you have an excellent opportunity to enhance your personal and professional life helping other people to get more success in their business.

Would you join us?


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    Your professional experience

    Do you think that you are the representative we seek?

    What do you think you can bring to the team and Luxuria Card brand?

    If you convince us with your response, we will contact you.

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