Our goal is to provide you with refinement and guarantee in the industry of business cards. We design our cards with rare materials which, together with the state-of-the-art types of finishing we offer, will make your business card stand out from the rest. If impact is what you seek, our metal business cards are the right investment to make.

LuxuriaCard was born as a spin-off of a long-established plastic business card company. Since 2005, TarjetasPlasticasPVC/CardClick has strived for perfection in the quality and excellence we offer our clients, which allowed us to eventually go overseas; we currently work in other countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. LuxuriaCard is also present in countries from all over the world, with headquarters in places like the UK, the Arab Emirates or Hong Kong.

As a business group, CardClick gathers every activity related to plastic or metal cards as well as RFID/NFC products.

Despite being a company which operates 100% online, we strive to offer our clients the most customised and personal treatment. Physical distance does not prevent us from treating our clients with the excellence they deserve. Each of our clients is unique and so are his/her needs. That’s why communication and close attention to detail are paramount to us. Our goal is not to meet your standards but to outdo ourselves in every job we are given.

Your satisfaction and convenience as a client is our ultimate goal. We do not want to be just “another company” in the market. We strive for the highest standards regarding not only our products. Our mission is to provide both the best business cards and customer support as we know a great product can be outweighed by unsatisfactory customer service. Every member of our team shares this philosophy and values so you will certainly receive the most professional care from all of us, in Spanish, English or German.

Our Team

Christian Korwan

Entrepreneurship is in my DNA.

After a huge failure in 2002, I set up FactoriaCreativa, a company which, over the years, turned into TarjetasPlasticasPVC, what CardClick is today. This company is currently part of a European team specialised in the manufacture and distribution of plastic business cards, having a strong market presence in Europe.

I love travelling, coming up with ideas and carrying out business models although what I am most proud of is the great team we have always created for every of our projects.

If you want to know more about me and my career, click here.

Adán González

Production Manager

Every time I am asked, I say I am a hybrid middle ground between a graphic designer and a front-end web programmer with rare occasions when I would need to be hospitalized in an asylum. I do not perform well under pressure but my colleagues know how to condense my insanity and bring the best out of me. Truth is…I do not know where I would be without the team.

Elizabet Muñoz

Elizabet Muñoz

Customer Relationship

I hold a full bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature and I’m currently studying to get a degree in Psychology. I used to work as a freelance copywriter and I would be occasionally hired to create content for the brand.

After some time, this professional relationship became closer and closer until I could not help falling in love with the project, the team and their work ethic. This is a project where creativity and a constant need to adapt to today’s world pushes you to do your best every day.

Today, I’m an unstoppable jack-of-all-trades, always willing to do my best to help both the team and our valuable clients.

Lau Moreno

Lau Moreno

Project Manager. Multi-passionate and entrepreneur

I am a people person. I love listening to people, talking to them and instilling energy and enthusiasm in them. It makes me happy to connect with someone and doing my best to make them feel better 🙂

I am mostly interested in personal development (health, self-awareness) and both experimenting and pushing my reality.

I dream of a world with healthy, self-aware and authentic individuals. Here is where I contribute to that vision.

Shall we play?



Think before act!

Graduated engineer, always cheerful, always travelling, sports pilot and nature lover is looking for the perfect product to fall in love with.

With many years of experience in the fields of photography, design, plastic cards, business management and strategy, I am proud to be part of the LuxuriaCard team. I am an enthusiast of aesthetics and perfection; and our metal cards really are a product to fall in love with. My motivation is the brightness, not only of the same cards but above all the shining in the eyes of our customers when they receive their order, because each of our cards is a jewel. What can I say? I’m already in love. 😉

Manuel Alejandro Ospina

Alejandro Ospina


I am an IT system engineer from Colombia, where the best coffee in the world is made! I’m passionate about challenging projects where excellence and scarce resources require both me and a great team to do our best.

Maritza Villamil

Maritza Villamil

Ideas girl

Industrial engineer, born designer, lover of music and travel. I’m the ideas girl of the team on LuxuriaCard and I love developing and contributing to great businesses. I’m organised, responsible and a family person.

Christian Ospina

Christian Ospina


IT and system engineer. If you want to find me on social media, do not even bother. You can find me through the hundreds of websites I have worked on or perhaps at a great football match.