You’ve decided to stand out from the range of cards your clients, partners or affiliates might have. You want them to never forget you. Let us send our sample kit “Metal Art” to help you make your decision and choose which metal, card finish or card thickness is best for your needs.

Our sample kit is designed to show you each of the features (material, look, finishing) we can add to your card. We have designed this kit to ensure you can see the bespoke impact they make. As soon as you receive them, your imagination will start to consider the endless combinations and possibilities you have at your disposal to design the perfect business card for you. Most of all, you will be able to feel what your future clients, partners or affiliates will experience when you give them one of your cards.

The Metal Art sample kit includes:

  • 4 units.
  • Each of them with a different thickness.
  • Each card is made in a different metal (stainless steel, brass gold, copper and black matte).
  • Each card displays the wide range of finishing options our cards have.
  • You will also be able to see other features such as chemical or laser etching, laser cut and printing.

Due to the technology that we use to create our cards, our Sample Kit has a cost of 24€/USD, shipping costs included. We will deduct this cost from your first order.

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    We charge no shipping costs. Production and delivery are guaranteed. Our key principle is your satisfaction and quality as a client.